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Tough rubber-sheathed cable is a type of cable which normally consists outer sheath of rubber with several conductors inside. The rubber provides an abrasion-resistant, corrosion-resistant, waterproof, protective covering for an insulated electric cable.

Though obsoleted for domestic use, it is utilized for flexible cables when greater mechanical toughness than PVC is required such as temporary electrical wiring at events where the cable is standardised as Cenelec code HO7RN-F (HO7 for short)

The American National Electrical Code, for theater use,  cables to be "extra hard usage" rated, and such cable is generally known in the USA as SOOW cable. Cables meeting the SOOW spec can also be manufactured to be rated as H07RN-F, so-called "harmonized" cable, and such cable can be used both in the USA and Europe.

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  • Electrical Wires


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